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Maxie Price Rocks !!

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Hello all,

Just wanted to say that this past weekend, I purchased a 2001 Black/Black Z06 from Maxie and specificially Monica Dean. I was very impressed with the way the deal was handled and the price I was able to get. Monica was extremely friendly and helpful. I would recommend them to anyone. They had roughly 13 Z06's between their 2 stores !! The only negative was the long drive from central Pa to their dealership and back, but it was worth it !!

The car is an absolute beast. I thought my slightly modded 97 was fast. Yeah, right.

2001 Blk/Blk Z06
All options

Had 97 Blk/Blk 6 speed coupe
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As a Keystone State Native I still want to know, how much and was it used.
Is it just me,
or does anybody else notice that we are providing a lot of free marketing and advertising for vendors that are not supporting our forum.
Sorry guys for being excited over my new Z. I thought thats what this forum section was for. "It is being watched?" What is this Big Brother ????

Maybe I shouldnt have mentioned the dealers name. My apologies......
Dave, your fine and I can understand that your excited about your new car, we all feel that way. We are trying to get dealers to support our Forum and we just do not want to upset the interested parties, that's the only reason. If there are dealers willing to deal on Vettes it helps other members to know this, and we thank you for that. /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif
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I wa just noticing that a lot of people were giving there dealers excellent reviews.
What really caught my eye was the name "Monica".
Didn't she try to advertise the sale of Corvette's and ZO6's on this forum, and when told that she would need to be a supporting vendor in order to do so, we haven't heard anything from her since.
I thought that a "salesman" might be on this forum trying to get sales from forum members by pretending to be a satsfied customer of theirs.
Just a thought.
I don't know about anyone else, but I know Dave personally and he is not a salesman. He's just thrilled to have a new Z. He did the 11 hour ride from Georgia and then washed the Z as soon as he got home at 11pm.
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