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Maybe here? ... Vette Docs new Z06 Cam CA CARB approved?

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Anyone Here?

I call them Tuesday.

QuickSilver Z06 Torch Red
B&M Ripper, TBB, CAGS
94 Black Camaro
Moroso Cold Air, Dynomax Ultraflow,Jet PCM,180,ASP Pulleys,Art Carr Shift Kit,Auburn Posi,Richmond 3:73, SS hood, frt 17x8 Antera 109's chrome - rr 18x8.5 Antera 145's chrome, and LS1 install soon.
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I seen this post up forever, and all I can tell you is to call the Vette doctors, I dont have a clue about it, I wish I could help you.

Dave Zehak
2001 Black ZO6
Best 1/4(so far) 12.5 at 112
B&M Ripper Shifter
RM racing Nitrous(not installed yet)
"Previous Vettes
1985 white Corvette coupe(auto)
1998 Silver Corvette coupe (M-6)
2000 NBM Corvette Coupe (M-6)
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