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Ok, I just bought this car right at the new year, but I'm possibly going to need to sell it to free up some cash. I really, really want to keep it to use at the track, but I'll sell if I can get a fair price for it. I still have my Camaro that's ready to roll on the track if I need to.

2001 Yellow on black
currently about 21k miles
HUD has been retrofitted
Tire pressure sensors retrofitted
DRM front brake ducts
Braided brake lines
3M Film on nose, hood, rockers, fender edges, lower doors, mirrors
Tinted windows

Also, I currently have GM extended warranty on the car until 50k miles or June 2007. It does not burn oil. The only thing it really needs is rear tires.

I have a standing offer on the car without the warranty for less than I want to take, although I'll use it as a backup plan if I end up being forced to sell. I'd like to get around $28.5k for the car with the warranty. I can turn the warranty in right now for cash, so I'd like around $27.5k without the warranty. Any interest?

If a buyer is wanting to track the car, I can work out a deal to include things like harnesses, mounts, harness bar, race seat, even extra wheels. This stuff is all negotiable.

A few pics at
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