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1. Anyone have any luck installing a LCD screen in the vette? I would like to have a DVD player in there and have an idea (look at question 2) :) (any pics of this or comments on where others installed them would be great)
2. Anyone have any luck installing the correct power adapters to run AC units like a playstation 2? I know it's a stupid idea to put a playstation in the car but I like doing long trips (aka the power tour) and I like car shows but would like to have a little something to watch (DVD player) since I'm gonna do a DVD player no matter what, why not do a playstation 2 that has the DVD player built in? I'm thinking one of those chepo FRC partitions with a slot cut out for a PS2.

Again I know this is over kill, sensless useless toys but I'm an electrical engineer and have always loved gadgits. Heck as some of you know I don't have the car yet :( But I'm ready (cash wise) to buy and just need to wait till Polaroid pans out or fires me and I have a new job then I plan on hitting the ground with the tires spinning. Heck I don't even have a car right now. I sold it when I was ready to get the vette but all this crazyness happened and I figured I should wait till I know what's gonna happen. Anyway thanks for putting up with me and don't worry soon enough I will be a better contributer with mods and pics and personal experiances.

Once I find out the powertour schedual for next year I will let you all know. That was the best event ever, all these questions and preporation is for the 2003 tour :)
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