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$50 + I pay the freight - NO TAX!

I only had this in the Shark for 2 days after I put the Kirban in. My daughter had bought me a Hardbar® Delrin knob... and I lied and said I didn't already have an aftermarket knob in my new Vette. (Hey... She's my kid!!!) I paid $80 something (incl. 9.6% sales tax YIKES!) My loss... your gain. Looks good in the QuickSilver cars!!


'73 Silver Roadster -gone
'89 Red Coupe -gone
'01 SLK320 Silver 6-Speed -Wife's vert/coupe
'01 Quicksilver/Black Z06 •SilverShark•

Throttle Depressed. Driver Very Happy.
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