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Just wanted to drop another message regarding my experience with the vararam b2 system.. I received the unit, and couldn't get it to fit originally.. I thought it was just a fit / build quality issue, and kept trying to force the airbox lid to fit and make a tight seal..

Needless to say, my coolant temperatures have probably gone up because of all my knuckle skin in the radiator fins, and I eventually gave up and called vararam and got Patrick on the phone.

He spent a while on the phone with me talking about his sytem and diagnosing my issue.. Unfortunately, my ram air tubes were off in length a bit, which was leading to the system pushing against the radiator shroud..

Anyway, Patrick immediately sent out a new set of ram air tubes and I had a chance to install them yesterday. Perfect fit, and fortunately I had a nice roadtrip to take to let the car "relearn" itself. Had it back out today, and had an opportunity to jump on it a bit.. I'm not sure if its imagination or not, but I really think there's a significant difference. Its especially noticable at highway speeds due to the ram air effect.

Vararam recommendation here! :jammin:
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