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Why are the F1SC's rears rated higher than the fronts?

Has anyone tried any other tires and gotten more grip?

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On 2001-06-11 12:56, hcvone driveled forth this spew:
I will be switching to Pilot Sports when I get my car.


When I had my M3, it came with Pilot MXX3s which I replaced a few times with the same tire. Then Michelin discontinued the MXX3s and replaced them with the Pilot Sports, which I replaced the MXX3s with.

The Pilot Sports were terrible. They had dramatically less dry road traction and a little less wet road traction. The ride was about the same, but less feedback. I was extremely dissatisfied.

I had an opportunity to discuss the Sports with Michelin, and after considerable dodging the issue the guy finally admitted that the Sports had less dry road traction than the MXX3s. When I asked him about the wet road traction, he said that the Sport was meant to be a better "all around" tire. Which I guess means it's better in the snow.

So... Why would you want the Pilot Sports? Don't get me wrong, for I am a huge fan of Michelin tires, and I would love to get better tires than the F1 SCs, but I don't believe the Pilot Sport is it. Any thoughts or past experiences would be helpful. Thanks.

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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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