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My friend with a Ford product talked me into having a second try at the track (River City Raceway in Seguin) last night. Weather was cold and dry, as opposed to last time.

My previous best from the first visit to the track was [email protected] (2.1s 60' I think).

On my second run I hit 12.47 s @116.94 mph, with a 2.03 s 60'.
The run was made on the Supercar tires with 32psi and 1/4 tank of gas. I am pretty happy with the trap speed and even the E.T. I wish I had some slicks. Car is completely stock. I have yet to change the paper air filter :). Aren't these cars fun?

There was also a '00 C5 coupe running last night. I ran against him and edged him out, but his E.T. was about 0.08 s faster. Of course, he had Velocity Motorsports heads/cam, intake, headers and slicks. In all fairness, he finally managed to bring his time down from 12.5 to 11.99. His trap speed was around 116-117 mph if I remember correctly.


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