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The details of the focus day at Motorsport Ranch are as follows:

When: 7/16/05
Time: 12:00 noon
Cost: $95.00

Rough Schedule: At noon, 21 to 24 cars arrive at the track in Cresson, Texas. We will meet at the main clubhouse in the conference room. An instructor at the track will explain the track layout, track rules, gear selection, driving line, passing lanes and general conduct required.

At approximately 1:30, the instructor will lead us around the track to demonstrate the correct "line". We will be on the track for about 20 minutes and will reach speeds of 75 mph.
We will return to the clubhouse immediately to review the track session and to recieve more detailed driving instruction....including proper passing technique.
At approximately 2:30, the instructor will again lead the group around the course, this time, at a maximum 85+ mph. Each car will be required to pass the other cars at selected times, to develope passing skills. This session will last 20 minutes
We will again return to the clubhouse to discuss the session. At this time the instructor may ask if the drivers want to split into a fast group and a faster group for the"open" sessions. This decision will be the individual driver's.
We will be given two additional sessions as time permits to last approximately 30 minutes. These sessions will not be paced by an instructor. The speed will be the maximum each driver is comfortable with. This is not a race.....any passing will be done on a gentleman basis. The open sessions are to learn about you and your cars limits....again... "racing" is prohibited.

....helmets are required, rentals are $5.00 per day suits are not required
....riders (spouses?)are welcome with helmets
....convertables are welcome
....good brakes are required
....fresh brake fluid is a plus, as the brakes will be hot
....good tires are required, racing tires are not required
....any car is welcome, hopefully lots of Corvettes
....lugnuts should be tight and torqued
....there are no guard rails if a car leaves the!
....if it rains, we can vote to complete the focus day anyway
....or..if it rains, we can vote on an alternate date
....yes, some wear will occur on tires and brakes
....LS1 engines should overfill engine 1/2 to 1 quart of oil
....gasoline is available in Cresson
....a professional photographer will be present can be purchased at Subway in Cresson
....a car/driver "leaving" the track surface 3 times may be asked to find an alternate avocation!!!!!!!??

A cutoff date for payment will be July 1. The payments should be sent to :

c/o David Penwell [email protected]
PO Box 2251
Granbury, Texas 76048

If you have additional questions, please post it on this thread or contact us at

We have had 3 MSR focus "events" for Corvettes and everyone had loads of safe fun. See you there!!!!
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