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My brakes have never felt right....advice?

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Let me start by saying that my Z06 had a bad brake booster from day 1 (October 6 production week). I had the brake booster replaced on my 4th day of ownership. Since that time, the "sticking brake" problem has not reappeared, but the brakes have never exactly felt "good" either, especially given all the rave reviews about the brakes on the Z06.

In short, my brake pedal has a very soft feel to it, very much unlike my Viper which has a rock solid pedal feel. I bled my brake fluid and changed it last week, and the problem did not go away. Also, once the brakes get hot (after repeated heavy braking), I seem to get a pulsing feeling in the brakes, even under light braking. This feeling is very similar to when the ABS engages, but it happens even when the ABS doesn't engage. Of course I could have a warped rotor, but why do I get this only when the brakes are really hot?

In short, I've never felt that my brakes have been right on this vehicle. Do any of you have these same impressions of your brakes? (I.e., that's just how the brakes are on this car?) Or, do I have a problem? (With my brakes that is....)
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