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My brief "first impressions" of my week-old Z06...

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Hey all,

I have to start by saying that I've only had the opportunity (between weather and my schedule) to drive this thing 4 times so far. But, 4 times is enough for me to offer some first impressions!

¥ The SEATS are very comfortable, and easily adjustable to a comfortable setting. The lumbar area may be a bit "too firm/puffy" for my roller-hockey-damaged back, though.
¥ The 1-to-4 SHIFT is not NEARLY as annoying as I had imagined it would be (based on others' comments). 4th gear, in the 1-to-4 shifttuation, bogs the engine a bit much for my liking, but the whole thing is NOT offensive to me.
¥ Looking out over the HOOD (this is my first Vette, folks) makes me feel like I'm looking out on a yellow Batmobile. Very swooping and beautiful!
¥ The POWER comes on strongly yet smoothly (my blown Cobra's power was much less refined).
¥ This car's HUGE inside! Lots of room!
¥ No detectable BODY-ROLL. Like it's on rails. And the TIRES go right where you point 'tm.
¥ I suppose I wish that the INSTRUMENT PANEL LIGHTS were all the same color, as opposed to different hues of blue/white-blue. The "MPH" in the middle of the speedo at night is too bright and "misplaced" there.

Well, that's enough for now. Anyone have any comments on my findings? Man, this car is sweet! /ubb/smilies/smile.gif


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The Z06 is an awesome machine.

Even though the 1-4 shift is driveable. it's still an annoyance at times. when i first bought the car, i also felt that you can shift over it and no big deal and you can for the most part. but sometimes (a lot of times) leaving a green light in traffic, you get caught in that range and you have to make that 4th gear and it's annoying. It may be great for when your drinking coffee, but that java would probably taste better if you could be able to make that choice to shift 1-4th on those days yourself.


<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Craigk:
I find the 1st to 4th feature is great when I'm driving in traffic and have a cup of java in my hand. Once you get above a certain rpm it goes away. Congrads on the car! Craig


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