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2000 Fixed Roof
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My car cranks and runs for 30 seconds or so then goes To reduced power mode. Scanning it pulled codes P1514(pending), P0102(pending) Also P1514(stored)

The code P1514 on my scanner reads as: Control Module Throttle Actuator Position Performance.
The P0102 on my scanner reads as: Mass Air Flow Sensor Circuit low frequency.

Just wanted to know if this is the right direction to be looking for this issue?
I’ve inspected the MAS and it appears to be new.
this is a new purchase & project.
2000 fixed roof with built LS, with cam.

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I assume you mean the MAF
If so there is a problem as PCM is seeing more airflow to what it should be as to the angle of the TPS

If idle after engine has gone to close loop
MAF should report about 1 pound air, about 2,800 Hz, MAP should report about 35 KPA but with a 3rd party CAM that could lose vacuum at low end, so MAP would report higher

Also look at the same time that TPS angle is correct for idle as with drive by wire, if the values do not look normal then PCM will consider it a safety issue and go into limp mode
TPS at idle should report with scanner maybe 7%, with just key on, engine off with scanner slowly step on gas pedal and watch TPS PID and see if the values tack smoothly as deeper on pedal and correctly

Look for any unmetered air leak from MAF to throttlebody, or intake manifold leak to any exhaust leaks
Check wiring and pins of connectors, damaged wires, to battery acid leaked down by PCM and damaged wires in loom

The problem is, and you do not know is how good or bad the mods are, if properly tuned the PCM
or worse a bad tuner turned off your MAF forcing PCM to go into that crappy speed density mode
You may need a good tuner to hook up with you and have them examine what the tune makeup is.

You could disconnect the MAF wiring connector and see if the PCM throws any MAF DTCs or not, would hint if MAF was turned off in tune.
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