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My dilemma...

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I need your guys help. I am look at vettes to replace my german "sports car", ha.
Anyway heres the dilemma, I have a convertable now and want another. But I've got the Z06 vs. "regular C5" convertable decision. My whole reason to go to the vette is to eat a few reptiles and burn some 0-60 0-100 runs. Yea I am addicted to acceleration, what can I say.
So the real question is how much would I have to invest to bring a C5 some where past the Z06 at about 4sec 0-60. Which I know is easily obtainable with a Z06.
I mean Halltech's got that LS1 to LS6 conversion for 2K+install which may or may not get me to a stock Z06. But then there are the other mods besides engine on the Z06 that are appealing. I want this thing to handle decently also!
HELP me oh vet experts!
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On 2001-06-10 13:53, ZEEE 06 spewed forth this drivel:
If you're addicted to acceleration, the Z is the car for you. If you want wind in your face, just stick your head out the window:).

/phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif 'zactly /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif
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