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My dilemma...

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I need your guys help. I am look at vettes to replace my german "sports car", ha.
Anyway heres the dilemma, I have a convertable now and want another. But I've got the Z06 vs. "regular C5" convertable decision. My whole reason to go to the vette is to eat a few reptiles and burn some 0-60 0-100 runs. Yea I am addicted to acceleration, what can I say.
So the real question is how much would I have to invest to bring a C5 some where past the Z06 at about 4sec 0-60. Which I know is easily obtainable with a Z06.
I mean Halltech's got that LS1 to LS6 conversion for 2K+install which may or may not get me to a stock Z06. But then there are the other mods besides engine on the Z06 that are appealing. I want this thing to handle decently also!
HELP me oh vet experts!
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Hi there, and welcome to the ZO6 forum,
As for your decision, I would say an 02 ZO6 is your best bet, as there are more than just the horsepower increases to consider.
They have done work on the suspension, programming, and many other speed parts have been put in to the 02s, that I safely say that this is the way to go, and you will not be sorry.
If acceleration is what you want, look no further, as the acceleration, handling, and the entire package is second to none.
Personally, I like the balance of this car more than anything else, as I am able to outhandle pretty much anything, including Viper, even at triple digit speeds, so best to you, and welcome once again,
I remain, c4c5
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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