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my dyno run

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Well needless to say im much happier now that the motor is beginning to get broken in. I first dynoed the car with 450 miles bone stock. I was very disappointed as it only did 325.8 rwhp and 323.2 rwtq. I took it back at 2000 miles after adding a vortex ram air box to it.
I dynoed today at 347.3 rwhp and 340.8 rwtq, MUCH HAPPIER
Im sure some of it was the motor breaking in and the other part the airbox, i doubt that an air box would give me 21 rwhp.

Thats the link if anyones interested.

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On 2001-07-08 13:14, 01Z0SIX said:
I have...a little embaressing though. I need to learn how to launch the car which is taking more practice than i thought. Quite a bit more difficult than an auto:) Anyhow, I ran a [email protected] mph with a 60ft time of 2.47. So i figure if i can get the 60ft down to a 2.0-2.1 i could hopefully hit the 12's. I also didnt have the airbox at the time either. Ill go back and post better numbers, just need some practice.
Here are some tips I've posted before that may help you.

Competition mode. AC and audio system off. Windows up. Tire pressure all around at 30 psi.

Try 2800 rpm. Adjust up or down to match conditions.

Engage the clutch over the first 2 to 10 feet of movement depending on conditions. Go WOT ONLY once the tires are hooked.

Assuming you are on old blacktop and ambient outside temp is around 80, you ought to be able to launch leaving only about 10 feet of rubber.

Another key is on the 1st-2d shift. ease the throttle enough to avoid a lot of wheel spin, which would hurt your time.

I find that what I'm after is developing the launch "touch" that's based on input from all yours senses. I can feel the tires spin in the steering wheel, clutch foot, and seat of the pant. Sight and sound help too. But the F1SC tires don't make much of a squeal when they spin.

I prefer Competition mode to AH/TC off because I want AH to intervene should the rear end get substantially out of line. Just some insurance that limits "the worst that could happen."

Two last things you probably already know. Be sure your oil is above 155 degrees (preferably above 170) before you do this launch practice. Also choose your spot wisely. John Law and John Q are pretty adept at recognizing and exploiting any pattern you might set as to where and when you practice.

Good luck and practice, practice, practice.
Torch Red 2001 Z06
Delivered August 2000
Only mod: Halltech Tric with carbon fiber Cobra
Just one day at the drags: best run 12.47 @ 117.4 mph with 60 ft. time of 2.05 on stock tires
Current dyno results (SAE) 345hp 349tq
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