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I'm back from a great experience at the Corvette Museum. As I wrote previously, I had a great time back on July 18 & 19 with Sonny who was so kind to allow me to watch my car be built. Now onto R8C. I noticed my car was on display in delivery area # 1 late on Friday the 17th. Cool, I could see my car from home. I left for Bowling Green on Saturday morning. Made a stop at the Museum on Sunday morning to hang the Z06VETTE.COM banner in front of my car. Also, had a special sign made that said "HI FRANK" Many of you wondered what the hell that was on the floor. It was my digital Video camera on a tripod. (I got the whole delivery on Tape.) Anyway, got to bed late on Sunday thinking about the delivery. Woke up and saw 2:29 am, damn, later woke up and the clock said 2:34 am, shit, finally got to sleep, woke up again and the clock said 3:15, well, this went on a few more times till 6:00am arrived. Made it to the museum with my wife, and my 2 children one is 4 years and the other is 4 months. Drove up to the museum and saw two gentlemen walking up the drive with suitcases. I said WTF. Then I mentioned to my wife that, "Ah, I bet you any $$$ they are doing R8C. Sure enough, walked up to the entrance and they were speaking with Adam Boca. I walked up to Adam I never met him before, but knew what he looked like from his pictures. I knew he was not my guide today, but introduced myself and mentioned that I'd like to leave the Z06VETTE.COM banner with him for other members to display later this week. So, we go inside and find that ADAM and Jim Scheffer ( he has been at the museum for a long time, but is now learning the R8C process) Will be taking myself and "GUAMBOY" (from and his father on the Plant tour, Kool. GUAMBOY actually lives on GUAM and will have the car shipped there after delivery. The museum concluded, that this is the longest distance anyone can possibly come for an R8C delivery because Guam is a US Territory. Canada, European and Japan orders Cannot get R8C.

Well, we all squeeze into the mini van and head over to the Plant. After getting on the plant grounds, we pass the normal parking lot area, then I see Adam drive onto the sidewalk and under the bridge to the entrance to the plant, Even Kooler, I don't have to walk a mile from the parking lot to the entrance to the plant. He parked 10 feet from the doors. Got inside, Adam has us sign in and he handed us a little name tag badge that says " I pickup my 2002 Vette Today"

We proceed on the tour. I've been on the Corvette assembly plant tours, probably 11 or 12 times + the many, many hours with Sonny last month. Adam pointed out even more things that I had not noticed in the past. Great going Adam. We toured the plant on and off traditional tour routes. Adam took us back into the motor area, Kool I see pallet racks of LS1's and LS6 motors. I learn from Adam that our LS1's and LS6's come from both St. Catherine, Ontario, Canada and Romulus, MI engine assembly plants. I asked if there was a way to identify the difference and the answer was NO. Not even a different tag or sticker and the answer was still NO. The only possible way to know is if you watched the motor come off the rack that had the plant stamp on it and followed it until it was matched up with a build sheet or a vin was stamped on the block.

We tour some more, then get to the 1st start area, GUAMBOY's Father starts a Yellow Coupe and my 4 year old son and I get to start a Yellow vert. I swear the Sequence number was 4390, but I could be wrong. My son is excited after receiving his certificate for starting a car for the 1st time. We then finish up the tour and head back to the Museum. We get back to the museum and are greeted by Judy Yanko and my Delivery person, Marna. Marna was very kind and asked how we wanted to handle the rest of the delivery. I opted to skip the personal museum tour because my buddy Larry Hayes from the museum took me on his personal tour back in June. So, right to the car, not exactly sure what time it was but, we jumped right into the paperwork. Showed my license, my plates, bill of sale, etc, thats done. BTW, Jim Scheffer also joined in completing this phase of delivery. Jim's is a great Guy (I know Jim from his assistance with helping me bring my Buick GNX into the museum for display a year ago.) As a R8C participant, we also get the opportunity to purchase a nice Cutter & Buck Jacket with all kinds a logos on it, including an embroidered Z06 and museum delivery logos. It is very nice and will be ordering one shortly, as soon as I decide on a color.

After the paperwork phase we head out to the car. Marna goes over everything about the car. Yea, Like I'm really listening. I even commented to her that there is no way I'm going to remember all this. But she did a great job. Thanks Marna.

Well, its time for a few pictures and then time to take the Z06 out of the museum. We move all the ropes away and Marna asks if I want to drive out. HELL YA, So, I ask my son to hop in the passenger seat for a ride. This is what was cool, about 20- 30 museum visitors came over, as they knew something was up and about to happen. They all watched as I started up the car and pulled out. I just had to rev it up a bit out of gear, man that sounded good. Pulled it into the Garage holding area and rev'd it up a few more times. Took a few more pictures then pulled it out and loaded it on to my trailer for its ride home. Took the car out Tuesday afternoon, and I have 3 things to say: 1. Holy shit this thing is fast, 2. I'm now in the 120mph club with only 52 miles on the odometer (yes, I'm varying the RPMS), 3. This car is going to get me in trouble.

Oh, I forgot to mention, I even got to meet Fellow Z06VETTE.COM member JERBOA.

I want to thank Jason (Mrdatalife) for taking the time to capture all those web cam images, it turned out great.

What a great day, I WILL do Museum Delivery AGAIN on my next Corvette. Taking museum delivery will insure that the car is up to their (the museums standards) before it is handed over to you. That ALONE is worth every penny of the option cost.

Check out for a few photos of my car on production day.

Joe Harrington

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Vetteless said:
Sounds like lot of fun...You guys are really killing me with this, I have a lot longer wait than any of you....I am waiting for a C6 Z06 probably 2005 or 2006
I wonder if he got that C6 Z06. That is a LONNNGGG TIME to wait.:D

Took the car out Tuesday afternoon, and I have 3 things to say: 1. Holy shit this thing is fast, 2. I'm now in the 120mph club with only 52 miles on the odometer (yes, I'm varying the RPMS), 3. This car is going to get me in trouble.

Nice write up Joe. How do you like the car? We want more details, details I tell ya!:p
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