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Since my car is not a Z06, I guess this belongs in the "Misc." section, huh?

Now if I could just figure out the launch, I'd be all set for low to mid 12 second ETs. For some reason, I could not hook up at all today. It may have been the drizzle, but I don't think so.

I only got two runs in (sheesh - an hour plus driving only to wait in line for 30 minutes, run ones, wait another 30 minutes, run again, then they closed down due to rain).

Note my terrible 60' times and imagine how well I'd have done with, say, a 2.0 60'.

Here were my two runs:

First run:
R/T: 0.544 (wow!)
60': 2.486 (embarrassing)
1/8: 8.838
MPH: 86.72
1/4: 13.255
MPH: 113.03 (record)

Second run:
R/T: 0.622
60': 2.380
1/8: 8.867
MPH: 87.42
1/4: 13.284
MPH: 113.04 (consistent!)

Thank you very much. Out again next week and hopefully let's see some mid 12-second timeslips.

Of course, we all know that trap speed is king

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Get those 60' times down & you will be cruising.

As soon as we get the car back after the next round of mods, we hope to take it to the local track. The only problem is that it is an 1/8 mile.

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