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My Z06 is the lowest quality car I've ever owned...

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Maybe I've got a lemon, but at 5K miles I've got a lot of things wrong (listed in other postings). Today, I noticed my temperature on the analog guage (my DIC is broken, so I'm relying on analog until my dealer fixes my DIC), and it was around 230 and I was granny driving it, ambient temperature around 55. I think this is way too high. As I stared at the guage, it dropped about 10-15 degrees in 1 second (the needle moved left). WTF?
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I am sure I share your dismay (but not to your degree)as only another owner of the same model can share. I hope your dealer will take care of your problems like I would want to be taken care of if it happened to me.

We have a lot of experience on the site and I have been helped by many with my questions. Keep us posted on your progress we all want you to get through this hopefully small bump in your total experience.

I'm sorry to hear about your problems. Both my Zs have been trouble free except for oil consumption.

Your problems remind me of my first new Vette. It was a '79 Dark Blue beauty with all the options...but it was the worse POS I ever owned!!
Sorry to hear about the problems. If you've given them "ample" time to correct these problems, see the service manager and ask for the regional rep for a possible buy-back. Also make sure you call the 1-800-CHEVUSA number and get them to document your problems. They should then give you a customer # that you will use every time you call. While this may seem like a hassle also(I sure thought it was when i did that), it will help you in the long run. After 1 1/2 years of driving a true lemon('97 Black Coupe), Gm finally bought it back and I'm now a very proud owner of a '00 MY Coupe. A lucky friend of mine is going to buy it in the next few weeks so I can start saving up for a '02 Z06. /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif
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C5David, I don't know about your other problems but it is normal for the fans to come on at about 228 witch would explain your gage movement. In trafic your temp will go up because of air flow untill the fans come on. Ric
Powershifter is right. What you are experiencing with the temp gauge is normal. The engine runs that hot for emissions compliance. The electric fan kicks in at 228 and will cause the temp to drop. The C4's had aftermarket kits to kick the fan in at cooler temps. Not sure if there is a C5 equivalent. On hot days, it was not uncommon for the gauge to hit 240 degrees on my '96 while sitting at a light.
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