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ncm delivery

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i would like to know how many were happy with the delivery? any input
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I had mine delivered at the Museum. I enjoyed the tour and got pictures of the car in the museum. I plan on keeping my car for a long time and that experience and the pictures helped document the car from the first moment I saw it. I really liked touring the assembly plant and seeing the car being made. It is also good because they have a process in place of taking the car from the assembly plant to a local dealer that does the final check and a little detailing. It then goes to them museum where they do a full quality check and detail. The museum people know how anal vette owners are and they are very careful. They even had the plant and dealer save the plastic off of the seats for me. I would say if you can do it then it will be worth the effort.
Signature is my car in the museum.
Can you add museum delivery to a car that was not initally ordered with it? A Bowling Green pickup would be much more convenient for me and I think the experience would be ultra cool.
I think the RC8 is great. Just be aware the car is driven from the dealer to the NCM (roughy 30 some miles). So when you pick your car up at the NCM it'll have between 25 and 40 miles on it. If you're anal, you might want to have it flatbedded from the dealer to the NCM.

Good luck! /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif
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Phenomenal - just read this ---

Mine had 33 miles on it.
It shouldn't even be an option. It should be required. It was fantastic. I don't remember seeing a single person ever say it was not worth ever penny. DO IT!
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