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Sorry Frank, IMA got suckered into it, but I PM'd you the info cause I know you get up at 4am :)

Will open it tomorrow midday to moderators, then beta release to the forum late tomorrow night.....

But, for those anxious for specs, here ya go:

Not just a pic of each persons ride, each user has an album for unlimited numbers of photos.

This album is password protected and editable online.

Each image has a description field which is searchable. So, if you want pictures of Corsa's on a red Z, you got it.

Filterable, you can see pics of all 2001's, or 2002's, 2001's with Mod Red, Black 2001's with ModRed, ad infinitum.....(sp?)

Search functionality is not yet complete and will take some time but overall, the system is up and running, will be tweaking through the weekend.......

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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