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Problem: Low oil warning in < 1500 miles.
Solution: Change the rings.

Problem: Antena comes loose.
Solution: Use a wrench to tighten it.

Problem: Something falls though the hole in your your glove box.
Solution: Squeeze the sides of your glove box in when you open it, and it will open all the way down, allowing you to retreive the stuck item.

Problem: Your seat doesn't move into its pre-programmed position.
Solution: Before putting your key in the ignition, hit the unlock button on your key fob.

Problem: You can't see the side of your car when parallel parking.
Solution: Program memory seat position #3 to have both side mirrors pointed down, so you can see the curbs.

Problem: TC comes on too much in dry weather.
Solution: Competition mode.

Problem: Rice-boy challenges you.
Solution: Blow his doors off!

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Problem: Head liner and driver side window defrost channel showing foam.

Fix: Carefully tuck back in and use exacto to trim other excess.

Problem: 6.5 quart approximate oil capacity does not fill to dip stick "full" line.

Fix: Add 1/2 quart to 7 and verify level.

Problem: White crusty coating on exposed engine parts when near salt water.

Fix: WD 40 coating before or after.

Problem: Storage of personal items in cockpit.

Fix: Use velcro and affix items within easy reach on back deck surfaces.

Problem: Don't like BSM's after purchasing them as options.

Fix: Remove by prying off with fingers and rub loose double sided tape adhesive. Use same product to reaffix if you change your mind.

Problem: Wheel blacking sprays all over sides of car. Leaves black specs.

Fix: Q-tip and acetone to remove spots then wipe any excess material from tires (if you use another product) as tires extend beyond fenders.
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