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Need MORE H.P.!

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Well this will or should get some responce!As I am looking to build some where in the 430 - 450 RWHP./phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif With out NOx, need some good ideas for natural asperated H.P. Thanks
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On 2001-07-03 04:41, ZO6Bill spewed forth this drivel:
Thanks guys for all the input. I need the URL for Spectre Works?? I talked to Katech and Velocity(in Houston) and they basically say the same thing that Z06 Addict and ya'll say. Good to around 400-410RWHP. and then a big bore or real radical stuff! Well I will be chatting with a few others like MTI and Hennesey about a set up. Sent ARE a Email but no reply as yet. Thanks again for the help. 400-410 don't sound all that bad anyhow....Bill

400-410 at the rear wheels is stout. My money is on what Katech offers.

If well driven, that kind of power is high elevens in the 1/4.

450 rear wheel is going to mean radical or a total built larger displacement engine. That's when the money goes cubic.

Personally, I wouldn't use nitrous under any circumstance.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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