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Need Your Help...Let's Spread The Word!!!

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Guys, this Forum is cookin!! /ubb/smilies/cool.gif

Let's try to spread the word. There are new Z06 owners everyday!! You all know someone, let's start contacting them. We are already up to 231 members in just over 2 weeks!! /ubb/smilies/biggrin.gif Let's make this the best Z06 site on the if it isn't already!! /ubb/smilies/cool.gif

And let's not forget our '99 & '00 FRC Bruthas. Nobody is making a dime here. This Forum is for you!! /ubb/smilies/smile.gif

Frank Calmes Quicksilver 2001 Z06
Vortex Rammer & Power Duct, B&B PRT's with Speedway Tips, Ripper Shifter with Momo Knob, Chrome Z06 Wheels

Sherylann Calmes Black 2001 Z06
Vortex Rammer & Power Duct, Chrome Z06 Wheels

[email protected]
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I tried spreading the word on the "other" forum and got spanked. Be careful where and how you do it.


2001 Torch Red Z06
I'm with you Frank...will pass the word around.

Zippy /ubb/smilies/smile.gif /ubb/smilies/smile.gif

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I'm spreading the Gospel according to Duntov. Frank Calmes personally sent me an e-mail after my newbie post at CorvetteForum and introduced me to Z06Vette.

Instantly at home... In fact, this forum would be a great place for any Vette fan, Z06 or not.

I think everyone would like a Vette. I'm pretty certain the driving public thinks of us Vette types as unapproachable. Just opening a C4 hood (without having to be asked) for an inquisitive 'walk up' is always good for ear to ear smiles.

MANY have the money. They drop $45K on a Lexus or Caddy and think nothing of it... The easiest way to set a convert on our path is to make them feel at home as you do here.

Red Z06
I've got three new members inbound...all local neighbors who bought Z's after they saw mine!


Check out the C5R BBS site. /ubb/smilies/biggrin.gif

Quicksilver Z06
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You can spread the word over at

That's my site... and hopefully you guys will share the info for the guys who Auto-X and Road Race their Z-06's too!

Dave Schotz
Weapon:2001 Wht w/Mod Red Z-06
Class: SS
Car #: 39
247 members currently...we need the other 2750!!! /ubb/smilies/biggrin.gif
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