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Negative Camber Alignment

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Has anyone increased their negative camber alignment for more cornering power? I am thinking of going another negative 1/2 degree camber all around. Or, maybe the fronts a half degree more than the rears? Should this be done in conjunction with lowering the car?

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By lowering the car you will probably get some negative camber all around. Physics at work!
If you know someone with a camber gauge, check each wheel, then lower the car. Let it settle for a few days and check the camber again. You may have the change you are looking for.
Remember to position the car in exactly the same place to make the before and after measurements.
You will not notice a SOTP difference in 1/2 degree negative camber on the street. On the track(road course) where you can verify changes with a stopwatch, could be another story.
I would not add more negative camber if you are just using the car for the street.
There are some tradeoffs. Tire wear being one

I've been running -1.0 degrees since the car was new. No problems for street or track use.

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I don,t think we have any other female on the forum that owns 2 Z06s.

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