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Halltech Air/Fuel Ratio Controller

This is the controller you have been waiting for. The Halltech ARC2 will change everything. 10 minute installation if done underhood. 1 hour if done with cabin access for 'on the fly' tuning. With the Halltech Controller you can finally dial in your WOT air/fuel ratio to exactly 12.8:1. Maybe with your headers you need 13.0:1. Whatever the dyno tells you you can trim low, medium, or high trims for the exact ratio you decide. Once 30 or so of these hit the market, folks that drag race and dyno will begin to see a trend and share their best trims with the forum groups. Halltech has ours almost dialed in for best performance. As you add injectors, headers, NOS, or any other mod that changes your WOT air fuel ratio, you can set it back in minutes.

This is better than programming, since programmers take an educated guess at the correct a/f ratios and burn them into your PCM. Once that is done, there is no going back, unless you cough up more money.

This controller works with any GM MAF sensor and when coupled with the AutoTap Program, you can actually dial in your car from inside the car 'On-the-fly'.

Imagine how easy it will be to correct your trims for the Halltech T-1. Our injectors (30#) bring the stoichiometric trims back to very close to LTF baseline, but close is for horseshoes and hand-gernades. The Halltech ARC2 will dial your a/f ratio to perfect.

Order now. 25 will be available in two weeks.

Jim Hall

Price: 549.00 USD

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That would be damn hard to adjust the wide open in car, what would you have to floor it and have a person change the dial as it reads out on your laptop?

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Yes for maximum performance

BrianK said:
So T-1 owners should now be tweaking their calibration??
Our AutoTap logs show LTF between 0 to + 5 with our 30# injectors installed. The a/f ratio at WOT is around 12.6:1. We like the ratio at 13:1, depending on conditions.

The purpose behind this controller is to allow dynamic trimming while on the dyno, to bring out the best in the beast.

If there is any untapped HP left in the LS6, we go after it.

One example of the difference a/f ratios can make is Brent Gigsby's 2002 Z06. Brent purchased our entire T-1 package, which includes not only the T-1 Induction, but our ported throttle body, 310cc/min blueprinted injectors, Magnecor Plug Wires, TR55 plugs and a few other mods.

We have dynoed at 369.7 RWHP with our package. Brent ran a catless X-pipe and tweaked the trims with the MAFT. Here is his dyno. How much came from the X-pipe? Hard to tell, but I think it is safe to say that the MAFT contributed big time to the results.

He runs consistent 11.80s at 120+MPH.

Jim Hall
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