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New Bone Stock Dyno Numbers

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Using a Dynojet 1. The attempt on 10/00 with about 1000 miles yielded: 325.9 RWHP. I wanted to see how the break in was going so I returned. With about 4800 miles using the same dyno 6/8/01 yielded 334.1 RWHP So looks like things are looking up. I think these are pretty conservative numbers based on talking with a corvette forum member that has dynoed at this place and at BG. At BG he dynoed much higher. Craig

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You got real #s.
With 300 miles I dynoed at 330-332 rwhp.
The dynojet is the choice of NASCAR.
Yesterday, my Z dyno'd at 332.9hp/333tq on a dynojet. Bone stock, 15k miles. A fellow there with a Z with 7k miles and shortie headers, prt exhaust, and donaldson blackwing measured at 339hp.

Lotta cash for 6.1hp.
With just Ram Air my "Z" dynoed at just over 337 rwhp (SAE). The exhaust and X-pipe got me to 345 rwhp. The TTS long tube headers got me to 354 rwhp.
The current dyno sheet in my sig. was done before the under drive pulley, computer programming, and the throttle body by-pass.
Many people look over this very inexpensive mod, 200 degree fluid running through the bottom of the TB heats the air going through.
Cooler air more HP.
The advantage of using long tube headers is the removal of the pre-cats.
I have nothing to sell and all my mods have been paid for in full.
Just the real numbers, not the Mfgs claims.
I made 335-336rwhp and 340trq stone stock at 3,000 miles. Another ZO6 1 hour later stone stock was at 338-340rwhp.
I bolted on a donaldson airwing and think I gained nothing.
Has anyone done a before and after dyno on a cold air setup was installed? How about long tube headers? I want to do a mod but I want a real HP gain. /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_wink.gif
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