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Corsa had their new titanium exhaust system on display at the NCM this past weekend and WOW is this ever light. I actually went back to their tent twice to heft it again! Their hand out states the following:

122.4% increase in flow over stock C5 aluminized '01 system!
89.9% increase in flow over Z06 titanium system (2001 system).
11.0 pounds reduction in weight over stock Z06 Titaqnium system.
Straight-thru nonrestrictive design.
Optional tips will be offered.

Weight Comparisons:

Stock C5 Aluminized system: 55.3 lbs.
Stock Z06 Titaniumsystem: 37.3 lbs.
CORSA Titanium Competition/Race system: 26.3 lbs!

Dyno tests available soon, and the availability to be announced.

For more info contact Corsa Performance at 1-800-486-0999 or check their website at

Zippy :) :)

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N4C5S said:
Or the sound of your bank account when price is announced :)

Jim Browning told me about $1800.00 retail, of course I said he can use my car for the prototype. :D
I was declined, they already have 34 sets sold.
I gave Jim one of our cards at the BB in April when he was kind enough to sign my car.
He is willing to to a chat session with us in the near future if we have enough interest.
What do you think?

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The new Corsa Ti system certainly has my interest. I am wondering, what does an 89% increase over the stock Z06 system equate to in rear h/p, on an otherwise stock car? As I understand it now, rear h/p gains for any of the after cat exhaust systems which control resonance, is pretty minimal.

Most o the foks I have talked to who have done cat-backs did the switch for looks and sound improvement. As an '02 owner, I am already happy with the looks and sound. So, my interest would be significant weight reduction and power gains..

Inquiring minds wanna know...

Titanium isn't cheap

Funniest story you will ever here about titanium.

I had a salesman come into our shop two months ago with a beautiful muffler system made for the C5 in Australia. The quality was really the finest polished stainless system we had ever seen.

The problem was the stock system had to be cut, with these put in their place just before the muffler entrance. Not a big deal for these beauties. Cost $1000, not too bad, already polished.

Then I told him we couldn't sell one set to the Z06 crowd. "Why Not?" Well, I told him you can't weld Stainless to Titanium and only a idiot would cut one up.

He promptly lifted the titanium system we had in the shop and said, Kricky! These are the cheapest exhaust pipes I have ever seen?" I said what? Why do you say that?

"Oh crap, these are so light, there made of nothing!!"

Our titanium TRICs cost us over $175.00 just to get the compound bends and material from our tube bender. You don't want to know how much the whole system cost to build.

$16,000 just for the titanium material. $2,000 just to polish, and the list goes on.

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Didn't some guy run his ZO6 against a ZR-1 in a magazine article recently? He had the Corsa TI exhaust on his car and turned something like 13.9. Geez, gotta make ya wonder........ musta been that block of wood under his gas pedal. ;)
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