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Hi, just bought a used 2000 Corvette coupe with 42K miles. It's a Certified GM used car with a 3 month warranty and i got an extended warranty for 1 yr. I am very happy with the car, but after driving it for about a month, I have a few concerns/problems. I would appreciate any feedback you can give me. Thanks.

1) Door Remote- Sometimes when I press the unlock button the door doesn't unlock and lights dont come on. I then press it again and it unlocks but the Security light stays on solid even after the car is started. Also, the Memory 1 will not be lit. I replaced the battery in the key FOB and did the relearn procedure but problem remains.

2) Automatic Transmission- When shifting into reverse I hear a loud clunk. Also get same noise when shifting into drive but not as loud. Is this u-joints or rear end?

3) TSB for Seat- my seat rocks under hard acceleration. I found the TSB on this. Will the dealer repair it for free, under warranty? Will I have to pay my deductible?
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