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On Sept 17 where having are Vette Viper shootout, and the big guns are coming from Lingenfelter. Vette Doctors .Cartek and maybe ECS? This is one event not to miss, gates open at 8AM cost $25.00 to race $10.00 to watch. LPE has already sponsor us with others to come. Check out NED website for hotel INFO

There will be two classes.

Bracket class DOT tires only M/T BFG M&H NITTO or street tire.
No (airshifters)(transbrakes)(delay boxes)( two step) or electronics.

(Heads up protree) all tires DOT or slicks.
No (airshifters)(delay boxes)( two step) or electronics.
Yes you can use your transbrake :eek: Now stop bitching.

We need more sponsors to step up.


Lingenfelter Performance Engineering
Kordis Sound INC.
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