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Hi all,
I just ordered this for my tripleblack C5.
It's new from Continental Tires.
I spoke with Damon at Tire Rack (ext 643).
He's helped me in the past with my purchases from them.
Cool guy...very helpful.

This kit is an inexpensive alternative compared to the stock unit in the Z at $80 to your door.
It will actually repair a puncture in your tire and allow you to drive for 125 miles.
It contains one canister with goo that is good for one repair.
Additonal canisters cost $25.00.

Great part about it is that this stuff is water-soluble and will peel right off so guys like me with tire pressure sensors don't have to worry about ruining them.

This is standard equipment on some Aston Martins and the new Ford GT40.
I may order another for my wife's Z.

This will get you going without having to try to repair a tire at an inopportune time.

Just thought I'd share.


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bigbadbevo said:
What else is included in the kit? A can of goo and a compressor?
That's pretty much it.
Similar to the kit that is standard in the Z.
It's also less expensive $$ than the stock equipment.
It, like the standard equipment is a temporary fix.

If you open the link, click on the "downloadable info sheet"
just above the TireRack name in the lower left handside.
It gives a bit more info.

I posted this because I have non-runflats believe this may be just the thing to help me if the need to arise.
I currently have a portable compressor and patch repair kit in my car.
The Conti Kit better will give me another option and a bit more security.

So if you need a kit (not just for the Z) and don't want to spring for the GM edition, this may be the ticket.

Best regards,
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