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Just bought my first Z06! Made a 9 hour trip from Independence, MO to Lindale, TX and another 9 hours back the next day to buy this 2015 Z06 3LZ with the Z07 package. +/- 39,000 miles.

Love this car, it's my third Vette, had a 2005 Coupe and a 2011 Grand Sport. All three have been white. The Indian Nation Turnpike was a fantastic drive.

2 hours left before getting home I was heading north on US 69 in Kansas and get pulled over by a State Trooper doing 85 in a 75 zone! He walks up to the the passenger side and I have my license ready for him. First words out of his mouth, man what a beautiful car. I told him I had just bought it and was on my way home, trying to make up a little extra time. He ran my license, no issues. Said slow down and be careful. No ticket! I was very happily surprised!

Looking forward to many more miles of enjoyment!
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