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Dyno numbers were impressive, but the car tested was a 2000 C5 with only 10,000 miles on it. As almost all of you know the C5 doesn't hit peak HP and TQ until at least 15-20,000 miles. This alone will not give you any accurate results, especially with what happened later on. We instructed the Magnaflow staff of this and this was something they were not aware of.

Car showed gains of almost 13 HP and 21 ft-lbs of torque by just replacing the mufflers. This is better than any other system on the market as far as the numbers go. Magnaflow's x-pipe seemed to be much better engineered and chambered over the other x-pipes. Magnaflow showed us and told us that they engineered their x-pipe to flow better with no turbulence like the other x-pipes have because the other x-pipes are wider in the x chambers causing turbulence which in effect causes a loss of power. They did this by making the chamber where the "x" is located smaller over the other x-pipes on the market. The reason why the car showed a loss in power was because the car's computer had to be reset. The car didn't have an ample amount of time or miles driven to "re-learn" and thus showed numbers that were off.

I took a ride in the car that was bone stock with an exception of the Magnaflow x-pipe and muffler system. The car had absolutely no interior resonance present in the car at all. It was actually quieter than stock inside in the car with the windows rolled up and with the windows rolled down.

The driver of the car didn't do any wide open throttle driving as we were on somewhat busy city streets close to Magnaflow and didn't want to attract any attention from the law enforcement officials there. The driver (not a Magnaflow employee) of the car did notice power improvements just by cruising at 40 MPH. He said he liked the system a lot.

Standing outside the car, the exhaust system sounded different over any other exhaust system I have heard thus far. It had a deep bass throaty sound to it just by cruising in the parking lot at 5-10 MPH. It did sound like a nice system. Any other modifications to the car and I am sure it would sound louder and throaty like a V8 should sound.

Magnaflow will allow us to test out their x-pipe and exhaust system in real world conditions on our C5 that is modified. We will then be able to truly evaluate their system as far as sound and power gains go. They will also dyno our car before and after to see exactly how much power the car will gain. We will also dyno the car before and after at an independent dyno facility to effectively determine how good their system really is.

As far as the quality of the system goes, it is THE best we have seen. The x-pipe is top notch. Pipes are larger diamater fully mandrel bent. No welds are visible anywhere around the mufflers or around any of the pipes going to the inlet and outlet of the mufflers. The mufflers are smaller than the stock mufflers and smaller than most aftermarket mufflers. They come standard with a polished (chrome) finish which is a really nice touch. The exhaust tips look very aggressive. Quad 4.0" fully round tips with a slight slant give the back end of the C5 a very nice look, not to mention it fills in most of the area where the tips are located. They have added in a billet (Magnaflow Performance Exhaust) name plate that connects the inner two exhaust tips to each other so that installation will be easier for most shops and so that the tips will never be misaligned.

So far, the system has proven itself with quality and power results are present.

For roughly $1150.00, you get a stainless steel x-pipe, stainless steel piping, fully polished mufflers, mean looking stainless polished exhaust tips and a lifetime warranty against any defects.

They just released their C5 exhaust system 2-3 weeks ago so this is a brand new product that has been released on the market.

Pictures can be seen here:


Shawn Massoudi

LAPD Product Research
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