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Hi guys and gals:

Just wanted to drop a line letting you know that I added a few new products to the Corvette Store today. You can check them out by clicking this link:

Corvette Store </FONT s>

Products added:

[*]1:18 Scale Models (Yellow Pace Car and C5R #4)
[*]Koolmat Heatmaster Tunnel Heat Shield
[*]Corsa X-Style Crossover Pipe
[*]Wheelskins Custom Fit C5 Shift Boot
[*]Gas Bib

While we don't have discounts for certain groups, I think you will find our regular prices to be very competitive. Read our Testimonials section to find out more about our customer service as well.


Brian - Y5116
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Yellow/Black '00 Coupe
12.6 @ 115 MPH (2.14 60' time)
329RWHP/338 RWTQ

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Hi Carl:

Yes, Mallett is the only other real vendor of these. A few others do sell them, but not mainstream. My price is better than Mallett's, too...not that Mallett isn't an awesome place to shop or spend money, mind you
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