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We now have the new race car for SCCA GT-1 competition. It is a Beretta bodied (don't worry, it WILL be rebodied a C5 Corvette!) 1990 Dillon chassis ex-TransAm car. I will upload a bunch of pics later but you can see it at:
The specs are: 358 Chevy 18 deg motor, 595Hp at 7500, 400 lb-Ft of torque minimum, (474.8 lb-ft max at 5700) from 4000 to 7500 RPM, Franklin quick change rear end, Tex racing T101 4 speed trans, Penske DA shocks, 2888 lbs with driver and 2 gal of gas (must be 2880 min).
Thankyou for all that have supported, you have made the 2002 racing season possible!
Gary Hoffman
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