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In light of some recent accidents resulting in serious injury and death and subsequent litigation and awards in Non SCCA sponsored high speed Driving Education and Competition Events on tracks & public roads, the SCCA has upgraded and reorginized high speed Solo I events.

1. High Speed Solo I events are now called TIME TRIALS.

2. There are 4 levels, classified according to preperation and competition.

Level I - PDE (Professional Driving Experience) are basically entry level DE's.

Level II - Club Trials are advanced DE's

Level III - Track Trials are high speed competition events usually held on a road race course

Level IV - Hillclimbs are highspeed competition events usually held on a public road closed off for the event.

Rules of particular interest to Corvette owners are included in the SCCA General Competition Rules (GCR's), Time Trial Rules (TTR's), and Solo Rule Book.

Basically Roll Cages and Roll Bars are required for the highspeed advanced DE's and competition events.

- Cars prepared to SCCA Club Racing Rules in such classes as T1 and GT1 MUST have a Roll Cage for ALL levels of Time Trials prepared to requirements in GCR Section 18.
- Cars Prepared to SCCA Solo II AutoX rules in SS, ASP, IT and SM2 will require a Roll Bar bolted in for SS and either welded in or bolted in for ASP, IT SM2 and prepared according to Appendix C - Solo II Roll Bar requirements.
- Cars Prepared to SCCA Solo II AutoX rules in Prepared and Modified will require a Roll Cage prepared to GCR Section 18
- Street Cars NOT prepared to either SCCA Club Racing or SCCA AutoX rules do NOT require a safety roll structure for Level I PDE's
- Street Cars NOT previously prepared to any SCCA class will require a Roll Bar prepared to Appendix J - Solo I Roll Bar Specs. refered to as TTR.18 and currently found in the Solo Rule Book to compete in Levels II/III/IV

- Cars requiring a Roll Bar or Roll Cage will be issued a Log Book and MUST recieve either a Club Racing or Time Trial Annual Technical Inspection

- Fire Extinguishers and Fire Suppressuion Systems are NOT required but recommended

- Long Pants with sleeved shirts and Helmets are required in Level I

- A Drivers Suit & Helmet is required for Levels II/III/IV

- OEM seat belts and IRS systems may be used in Level I

- Harness and driver restraint systems must be used in Level II/III/IV as outlined in the GCR Section 17. Except that Street Cars and AutoX prepared cars may extend the FIA harness life
from 3 years to 5 years.

- A Novice Time Trial License will be required for Level I

- To participate in Level II/III/IV you must have a Time Trial License. A Time trial License requires successfull completion and endorsement for 3 Level I events, have a Medical Form Completed and be signed off by the SCCA Divisional Steward.

- The Novice TT License and TT License can be waived with proof of prior racing experience or any other current SCCA or FIA license.

It should also be noted that the SCCA will only allow Roll Bars and Cages constructed from DOM Mild Steel or Alloy Steel after 2008. ERW tubing will NOT be allowed. Before purchasing or installing you should confirm that the roll structure meets SCCA Specs.

Please note this is only my interpretation of the current rules and a brief summary. You should consult and purchase a copy of the SCCA General Competition Rules and the SCCA Solo Rule Book. These rules are also subject to change and are updated monthly in the "Fast Track" portion of SCCA's "SportsCar Magazine".

The current rules are available in PDF format at

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Thanks for the usual great summary.
I had to read through all 50 plus pages to get the basics it seemed.
Many on SCCA forum were still confused about different rollcage/bar needs based on class run.
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