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Well, I believe I am the first person aside from Nate himself to evaluate this product... I took about 2 hours to install, and that's becuase I do a VERY thourough job and becuase this is a new new product, there are no instructions yet (but Nate and I are going to get that resolved!)... To be fair most of the time I spent getting the body panels of the headlights off so that I could install the bulbs with ease. The other hour was spent installing the ballast, harness, and new negative battery terminal pickup...

Ok, so here are the pics...

This is where my C5 hibernates in the MN winters, a nice 1200 square foot underground heated (and now well lighted
) garage that normally has 6 cars in it but we just finished installing the garage lighting.

This is the "guts" of the system that ramps up the power and hence the light output - a simple install with a harness that runs to the fuses.

This is a pic of the new low beam look as they projected on the wall

Before the install, the car had APC bulbs - the photos do not do the system justice but the new system has a more concentrated beam and that it seems brighter - this was noticeable with my eyes but the camera did not pick this up as well (I think this digital camera has a hard time with picking up brightness as the pic of my C5 in the garage is bad due to the bright lighting).

Here are the new high beams
The old APC high beams were simialr to the low beams, as the camera does not do it justice, but the new system is brighter.

A few other points- Nate is great, he was there on Sat and took the time to answer a few questions to ensure I did the install properly.

This system (ballast and bulbs) has a 1 YEAR warranty on it if they are used in combination!!! That's right, 1 YEAR. The APC's have only a 1 month warranty! Nate is trying even more powerful lights, but he is unsure how long they will last on the ballast juice.

For ~300 bucks, this is a great alternative for those of you not wanting to go with HID, as it gives you 90% of HID for half the price and a 1 year warranty!!! It was money well spent.

Nate's contact info is at his website:

P.S. I have the before pics, but the UBB will not let me post that many pics in one post!


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