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Just heard that Bob Lutz has been rehired by GM and will be leaving his position with Exide Battery. This might be a real good thing for GM......beieive he is one of those who brought the Viper to reality.

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I'll bet the guys at Chrysler (on this side of the Atlantic) wish he were back there. He certainly has flair!

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DETROIT, Aug. 2 - General Motors Corp. has hired former Chrysler Corp.
executive Robert Lutz as vice chairman in charge of product development,
the automaker announced Thursday.

LUTZ, WHO SERVED as vice chairman with Chrysler, has agreed to a
three-year deal in a move intended to help the world's largest automaker
reinvigorate its product development.
Tom Davis, the group vice president for product development, will
retire in the first quarter of next year after 37 years with the
automaker. Wayne Cherry, vice president of the design center, will
report to Lutz, GM said.
"I was incredibly impressed with his (Lutz') continuing passion
and enthusiasm for cars and trucks and the auto industry in general,"
Rick Wagoner, GM president and CEO, said in a statement.

Lutz will work closely with Ron Zarrella, head of GM North
America in developing products for the North American market and will
report directly to Wagoner. Lutz also will oversee development of GM's
global product portfolio.
GM's product line has been criticized by some analysts as


Wes Brown, an analyst with consulting firm Nextrend, said
recently, "Most of GM's cars are dead in the marketplace. They're rather
boring and do not appeal to young people."
Lutz, who comes to GM from battery-making Exide Technologies,
where he served as chairman and chief executive, was a key player in
Chrysler's resurgence since its brush with bankruptcy in the early
1980s. He retired as the company's vice chairman in July 1998 - between
the time the merger with Daimler-Benz was announced and when it was
"I'm taking this job because it is truly a once in a lifetime -
the opportunity to help in the ongoing rebuilding of not just an
American icon but a global icon," Lutz said.
A release issued by Exide said Lutz has resigned as CEO of the
Princeton, N.J., firm effective Sept. 1, but will remain as chairman of
the company.
Current Exide president Craig Mulhauser will add the title of
CEO, the release says.
Lutz is an ex-Marine who often clashed with Lee Iacocca during
Iacocca's tenure as Chrysler chairman. Lutz's career included stints
with GM, BMW AG and Ford Motor Co. He joined Chrysler in 1986.
In 1998, Lutz published a book, titled "Guts: The Seven Laws of
Business That Made Chrysler the World's Hottest Car Company."
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