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Well, since my other question has been pretty much answered regarding my cam being alright to run with nitrous even though a reverse-split, next up is the necessities required to run a good nitrous setup.

Here's what I know I need thus far:

TNT F1 wet kit (comes with a pressure gauge, takes care of that)
MSD Window Switch
NX Switch Panel
Bottle Warmer (Automated really beneficial?)

I'd like the Remote Bottle Opener for convenience, but as I said, probably won't be using very often. Is there a way to mount the bottles in the trunk and have an easy reach to open the bottle? Anyone have a photo of their install with arm-reach access?

Is that it? How do you tune for this? Will LS1Edit take care of timing and that? Or is there another method used when using nitrous?

Any and all info helpful and thanks as always.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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