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I doubt anyone will see this before the 8am start time tommorow..but it would be cool to see a ZO6 at the NASA autox at the Meadowlands.. sports complex area or near Giant's stadium..

Probably field 16 or 18..

A few guys from the C5forum are heading down..should be fun..

If you guys in the area get a chance..blow on down there in the morning..

Its off route 17 paterson plank road..follow the signs to the meadowlands..

check out site scroll down..

It really is safe fun!

We may not win but we sure will have fun!

Dress warm...pump the tires up to 36 lbs or so..maybe bring a cup of coffee..and maybe a few dollars to particpate and support the club..

they lend out helmets if you don't have one..and you go as slow or as fast as you like!

Your the only one out at a time and theres nothing to hit..its good clean fun..

See you out there...its probably the last one in the northern NY/NJ least it looks that way on the site..

So come on out before it snows!

The cars don't even get dirty!

So leave the zaino for next weekend! (j/k)

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Now that sounds like some good, clean fun BUT why didn't anyone tell us sooner :)( ) so we would have time to make the arrangements to be free for the day and participate in the fun?? Bill

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The thing got the best of me..been off line for a couple of days..Inlaws from out of town coming to was the kids birthday...blah..blah..blah..I did post on.. though..

If you guys get a chance..register over there for a few laughs..Its a good group of people. I forgot some of you guys don't check out both..

Next time..I'll let you guys know way ahead of time..Maybe one of the local ZO6 guys will show up tommorow..

Check that site schedule ..I bookmarked it..its good for a few laughs.

An FYI they have started construction of a 1.3 mile road course at englishtown raceway...I bet you guys would have a blast there..

Figure next spring to check it out! and easier to see than those dam cones..LOL

Enjoy the holiday weekend with your families..

I'm breaking the hell out of this house full of inlaws tommorow! :)

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I was there!

WELL I made it to the auto-x. Was the only Z06 there. Met some corvette forum dudes with C5's. Course was tight and wet! (kinda like I like my women!) :eek: :eek: Thats another thread! The all wheel drive Audi's and other "foreign" cars: BMW's, Toyotas, etc had a field day zipping in those turns. I began with the F1's and as the day went on, it cleared- so the Kuhmos went on. What I didnt consider was the MILLION gallons of oil all those Giants fan's cars leak! :roll: With Active handling ON it was like driving on ice! With it in COMP it was like a downhill slalom! I had all the other rear wheel drive cars covered, but FTD wasn't in the cards! All in all a great day tho..NASA is a superb racing outfit I would recommend to join and have some fast fun!
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