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Hello all...former 01 Firehawk owner, looking to get back into a 'fun' car. Currently planning on finding a C5 Z06 and trying to see what I need to know.

Wife REALLY likes the 04 LeMans Commemorative Editions, I want to do things to the car that would probably not help the value...

Anywho, just introducing myself and diving in!

(formerly of the SLP, LS1Tech, and Horsepowerjunkies boards)

Welcome to the board. This one is pretty quiet. May want to check out Corvette Forum.

Great to hear from you, the SLP board days were sure fun as was this group!

Love the 04 Lemans cars. You will love a Z06. I am on my fourth C5 Z06 and this last time, it was because I remembered how much I loved the diving experience. It is so much fun to just drive them. Ask any questions you have.

Some things to look for.

Harmonic balancer
Valve springs
torque tube
I know you know the LS engines really well.
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