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Northern California Dealers??

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Anyone from Nothern California know an honest dealer that has any '01 Z06's in stock? I've seen them discounted up to $6k out of state...

To the rest of the crew, let me tell you my sad story. I had an '84 and '89 C4. Then we had KIDS. Now, don't get me wrong, I like the little tikes, but my wife said a 'vette is impractacle with little ones around.

So, I've been driving various four door cars over the last 12 years. Most recently, I've been the proud owner of a '97 540ia. Very nice car but....I WANT A Z-06. I'm sure there are many of you out there who have experienced what I'm going through. It's hell. I mean, my best friend just bought a '96 Porsche twin turbo (BTW, this Porsche is way fast). His wife is ok with it.

Any suggestions outside of divorce? I haven't had any close friends die lately, so the "Life is too short" b.s won't work.

Back to my original question. Where can I find a decent dealer that is willing to discount? I was looking through the DuPont registry and a couple of out of state dealers are listed there. Also, are the lease companies listed in the DuPont legit? One quoted me $570/month for 48 months with $4k down. Limited to 12k miles per year, which is ok for me, I don't drive much.

Thanks, it's been great to get all of this grief off my chest
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Buy it out of state and have it courtesy delivered. /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif
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Please explain. I'm a little thick between the ears-wrong place to be thick!
So, what about buying in Nevada? Any dealers in the Reno area? I should save money 'cause there is no sales tax in Nevada. BTW, one dealer quoted my $6k of MSRP. That brings the price down to around $42k. Now that I can deal with.

I'm really really interested. If any dealers out there want to sell me a brand new Z-06 for $6k off sticker, let me know.
if the dealer quoted you the price of 42k over the phone then dont get your hopes up yet!!! If he will give you that price then you should jump on it because thats a really good price in cali...


You can make a deal with any dealer in the country. Tell them you want it "Courtesy Delivered" to your local dealer. Your local dealer will charge you between $250 - $500.

A forum member had my dealership courtesy deliver a QS Z06 last year to him in California.

You can go with whatever dealership that will give you the best price. My dealer is ELCO Chevrolet in Balwin, MO. They sell all their Vettes at MSRP. If you need their #, drop me an email.
Have you tried You can check inventories of dealers for Z06'es. If you find one...should be plenty...give them a call and deal. If you get a good price, then fly there, give'em a check and drive it home...end of happy story. /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif

Check Long Beach, CA dealer Cormier..who has 13 Z06'es in inventory. They might give you a good deal!
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Not to dis Itry2hides hopes, but I thought Courtesy Delivery was on cars that waven't been shipped yet (from the factoy) /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_confused.gif. So I think we're talking common carrier, not too much more ~$600. Still -$6k off sounds great. Go for it ! /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif

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I purchased my Z not too long ago, and had to pay $5k over MSRP. The dealership that I went through now is selling some of their Z's for MSRP or below, I believe. Anyways, the dealership is Mike Daugherty Chervrolet in Sacramento. Their # is: 1-888-Corvette. Ask for Eric Mayo in sales, and that Tommy sent you. Good Luck!


2001 Z06-Bone Stock. "Keep it on the streets"
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IMO, here in the Bay Area, NO DEALERS are yet
willing to sell at MSRP. Just had a visit at Andersons' and they actually have $10K markup crazy insane prices. Several weeks ago they were not willing to deal and I don't think anythings changed. They don't seem to recognize that the Hi Tech industry in Silicon Valley since the beginning of the year has been hit very hard by the sinking economy. Obviously, Anderson has the most cars to sell so they are trying to control the market. Other dealers in the area get so few of these cars, they will not deal on them either.

That Sacramento dealer mentioned is NOT dealing on Z06s either. Last month they wanted $14k over MSRP and many of their cars had lots of miles on them. I tried for 6 hours to get them down on price but when all said and done they still held out for couple K over MSRP. They were offering cars w/o luxury tax which saves you about $400 "if" you could buy a car right at MSRP. These cars, however, had lots of miles and were "pre-owned".

On an "existing" car in a dealer's inventory that may be out of state (OOS), yes, you'll have to pay for "shipping" unless you go to them to pick up the car.

Sales tax is based on where your residence is not the location of the selling dealer.
You'll have to pay 8% if you live anywhere in the Bay Area.

My OOS dealer is Bernard Chevrolet in North Illinois and I got a "good deal" on courtesy customer delivery on a 2002 which will be drop shipped to CA. They may have still an '01 Torch Red in inventory they'd be willing to sell below MSRP. Call 847-362-1400 and ask for Craig or Bob.

Caveat emptor and good luck.
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I did get Andersons to offer to sell me a 02 Z06 at sticker. They really didn't want to, but I pointed out to them that I had bought 3 cars from them in the past two years etc. I also told them about our forums and that their rep stinks. I don't know if they went to the forum, but their attitude changed slightly. So I think our forums do have provide us with a good springboard. Other crap they told me was they have people coming in and buying 300-400,000 worth of cars at one time. I just told them to look at the economy and see if they still feel "lucky". Anyway, I am so pissed off at this stuff going on in CA, that I will not accept their offer and will buy through a suppporting vendor.
I have a 02 deal @ msrp in nor-cal, and they had an 01 @ the time, so I would guess @ least 1-2k off & in stk for an 01, or 02 tpw 08/06.....I bought mine out of state -1k tpw 07/30...looks like it enters trim on 07/27!!!!!!!!!!!! /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif

Email if your interested in the 01 or 02.
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I guess it depends on how you deal with them. I went to mike daugherty chevy to find one and thats where im getting mine. They did the same shit to me, telling me they could let go of a used one at around 50. Since i used to work for a dealership i know i can get them to go to MSRP but thats still pathetic since the red one i looked at had 1200 miles on it. You probably looked at the same car i test drove.

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