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Not happy with aftermarket shifter... & questions on some others...

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Hey folks,

Some good and bad out of my recent Kirban shifter install:
Good -- I can get the console apart and back together again in no time now... I could probably do it in my sleep. /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif
Bad -- The reason I'm so good at this now is because I went through it a few times in a short amount ot time, and am right back to having the stock shifter in there. /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_frown.gif

The intent of the Kirban is very good -- the throw is much shorter, and the stops are very possitive. Also, the 2nd-to-3rd shift is EFFORTLESS (feels like you're just shifting forward, with no effort to get it over into 3rd). That being said, the feel is VERY notchy, it takes a good amount of effort to get it into 1st, and it's a lot noisier (both the clink-clank of shifting, and transmitted tranny noise) than stock. I'm sure that some insulating could be done to solve the noise issue, though.

Now, the weather's miserable here in PA, and so I didn't spend a whole beautiful afternoon driving around the countryside with the Kirban, so I don't "know" that I'll not put it back in sometime, and give it another shot. It's not THAT bad -- just very different from stock. But let me ask about some other shifters...

Is the Hurst out yet? If so, anyone report his findings on it yet? It's great in my Mustang...

Is anyone using the "Corvette Concepts" shifter? It's a modified STOCK shifter, but looks shorter, and (in theory) sounds like the VERY thing I'm looking for (shorter throw with a stockish feel). I'd really like some thoughts on THIS shifter!

Thanks, folks!!!

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"...KMeloney spewed forth this drivel"??? LOL!

Thanks for the replies! Again, I'm not throwing out the Kirban, or returning it, or anything like that at the moment. And, hearing that it "breaks in" over time is another compelling argument for keeping it. I guess I just figured it would feel "different" than it does -- and since I have a Hurst in a Mustang to compare it to, I just can't say that I LIKE the feel of the Kirban right now. I'd like to like the shifter, not just "deal" with it, or try to comvince myself that the benefits of the shorter throw outweigh the probblematic points...

We'll see! Since I'm a pro at the installation now, I can throw it back in at anytime!


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