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Ode to Z06

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I bought you without a test drive. I knew I'd fall in love with you. I knew it would take me a long time to learn your unique personality. Am I cheating on my wife? No, not as long as I drive my Z06 whenever we got out on dates, or if I let her drive it - once in a while (after all, she inherited my 99 HT!)

I don't care if you burn oil. I don't care if your leather isn't as fine as the finest Ferrari - at three times the price. Your gages are perfection. The 3D effect is better than anything I could imagine. The DIC is so non-intrusive, yet it displays any information I want (except mm to impact of front metal things).

Your body is sexy and seductive, turning heads whether they be male or female, and for different reasons (depending on gender and age, I think).

I don't care if you're starting to rattle and buzz - your wondeful engine-sound drowns out any buzzing my doorlights or speakers might develop. I don't care if you burn more Mobile-1 than I drink beer - you deserve it, after all I put you through.

I will continue to develop my long term relationship with you, and my only hope is that you mature along with me, and that I don't feel the need to upgrade to some later model. Maybe I'll have to add a few mods as you age, like a face lift or breast implants. But that's OK. Better tussle with a known devil than something unknown.

I only hope the C6 doesn't make me swap you for a new model, so much faster and better handling. But I couldn't imagine that.

OK, please disregard (and don't flame) these words - they're just spur-of-the-moment verbage that I can't defend.

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Nicely said

2001 ZO6 BLK./RED
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