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From what I have read here, it would be a problem to post this. Since no one here sent me a copy, I obviously don't have one.

I'm not going to say it IS on, and I am certainly not going to say it isn't. I hope you all know how to find the newsgroups!! /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif

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The following is the Chervolet specifications/ performance claims on
the new 2002 Z06 hardtop released from GM Communications this week:

405hp @ 6000rpm (redline 6600 up 100rpm from the 2001 Z06 model)

400lb-ft torque @ 4800rpm ( up 15lbs from the 2001 Z06 model)

Compression- 10.5 to 1 ( up from 10.1 to 1 from the 2001 Z06 model)

The wheels will be "CAST SPUN Aluminum" to save on vehicle weight.

0-60mph..........3.9 seconds (no explanation of test method released)

1/4 Mile- 12.4 seconds @ 116mph

Removel of the PUP Converters- reducing horsepower loss by reducing
back pressure

Clutch Improvements- Clamp load has been increased 7% and durability
has been augmented by the following:

............clutch drive disk was redesigned with flange plate
thickness which is increased by 20%- 5mm to 6mm.
............Damper springs were redesigned to increase wind-up rate
from 33 Newton-meter to 35 Newton-meter.
............Premium alloy steel wire is now used for the damper

Handling Improvements-

............Cast aluminum front stabilizer vs. rolled rod steel links
............Enhancements on the "World-Class" FE4 suspension

HUD (heads up display) has expanded the available information over the
2001 model.

Quote by Sam Winegarden-
Chief Engineer for small powertrain block team..........

............" We will start at 20% of production at Bowling Green and
see what the demand is for this special model. Either way the St.
Catharines engine facility will be locked in and produce what we need"

The full information will be released to the public on June 20, 2001.

Stan Adelman
Enjoy All!

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Someone, please email me a "private" copy & oh yeh, btw the C/R has not increased in '02 as far as know. In 2001, C/R is 10.5:1 for LS6 and 10.1:1 for LS1. Redline up by 100 revs (to 6600 rpm) is a new piece of the puzzle I had not heard before.
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