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Oil Color?

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My Z06 goes in Monday for an oil consumption check. The service manager told me they will put dye in the system and seal the system.
He says that they can tell where the oil is going with this dye. I have not heard anyone mention this yet. Is this BS or legit?
My car has 2000 miles on it and has burned about 2 quarts. Not as bad as some who have posted but still more than I care to be burning. In addition to the consumption, my oil is very dark. I hear people on this board talk about how hard it is to read the oil level. As dark as my oil is it's pretty easy to read.
I have a couple of questions. Should my oil be discolored after 2000 miles?
Does everyone who is having an oil consumption problem have dark oil or am I one of the few lucky ones?
How low is the oil level for the dic to issue a warning? Or does that vary from car to car?
I am pretty pissed about this whole situation. I love my Z but I don't think 50k dollar cars should be doing this. I would understand if this were an isolated incedent, but it's not.
Any info on the discoloration would be appreciated.
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I thought my oil stayed quite light for a long time but I really drove it hard (full throttle to 150 mph) last weekend and it is now much darker. I am not burning any oil to date BTW.
FYI, I broke mine in gently. Since then it has only seen 100mph briefly. Most of my driving has been low on the agressive scale. I have not been to the track or abused it...
I believe there is a dye that can be put in the oil and then if there is a leak, it will show up under a blue light. My oil is still light colored after 1400 miles.
It's not B.S. A standard method of checking for oil leaks includes placing an ultraviolet sensitive dye in the oil, run the engine, radiate with the light. Oil leaks show up very brightly.
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