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Alright guys(and gals if we have any here)

Needin some help for a soon to be Z06 Brudda!!

Just got a sequence # of 023357.
-First off, how do I track the car from now on or do I have to wait till completed?

-Once complete, can I track it on rail car to the railyard and dealer?

-How many Vettes are produced a day at the plant and am I correct in assuming that sequence order is just today....first car on the trim line is #022452. Does that mean that there are still 905 vettes ahead of us?

Please provide any additional info I might need or where to obtain it. Thanks for the help and sorry for all the questions but hey....this is what we are here for right?


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Dennis- I do have the TPW of 2/26. And the sequence # is 23357.

Thanks to you and Frank for the other info that I needed.

Now does anyone else have the rest of the info I need? the URL to track it once it leaves the plant and what information will I need to obtain this information?
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