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"OL Blue is Gettin' Closer

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I received a call from Criswell Chev yesterday telling me that my order for an '02 EB Z06 was accepted. I have Order #DJTV7X. I guess now the wait begins in earnest for a TPW. I have no clue how long that will be. But since Criswell gets about 40-50 Z06's, hopefully I will see the car in Bowling Green early this Fall.

I keep hearing snippets of supposedly accurate info that in addition to 405 h/p and hud, the '02s may also have an improved clutch and a tranny cooler, and possible suspension changes - I'm gettin pumped here!!
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My Speedway White car arrived at Pohanka yesterday...should get it tonight. The car was ordered 12 April. I hope yours does not take that long to get here! Check the Corvette Forum weekly updates. They are very accurate on when cars that were put into the system will be built. That's how I kinda knew what was happening. Also, find out who at Criswell handles the orders. They can check status weekly for you. That's what they did for me at Pohanka. Corvette Forum has the codes for each phase listed in "Ken's Notes". As the car moves through the process the code changes...that's how you can tell when it will be built. Pohanka printed me a weekly update so I could track the status. They are one GREAT dealership.
Thanks for the info, Bob! I heard great things about both Pohanka and Criswell. Given that Criswell gets a large allocation of both coupes/verts and Z06's, I thought my best shot to get a car by Fall, was through them. Guess I will see how smart that strategy was over the next couple of months. Of course I also wanted a relatively local dealership who would hopefully be receptive to service and warranty needs.

I am excited about the Museum Delivery - what a great way to make my first visit - I sez!!
Got the call today at 2:35 EST. Got a firm Order Number DJSFWR for my 2002 Z06 Electron Blue:)

I am so excited I am shaking typing this post.
I can relate brother! I am waiting with you man /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif
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I'm coming to the conclusion that there are two types of orders and order numbers. One, like yours with one number is the order number the dealer gets when he puts your data in the commputer. Another order is the one that GM accepts and that order number is only letters. When you get the latter, both you and GM think you are getting a car.

I'm Jerboa still waiting for my EB 02 order to clear with GM.
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