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For the interest of those "drivers" out there....we just returned from a 4,300 mile trip from Toronto, Ontario to Galveston, Texas and return, in our Z06. This was our fourth annual NCRS ROAD TOUR in a row, all in C5s.

Z06 Highlights:

Super driver....had the fun of changing gears up & down about a zillion times.

Z was Nice & COOL (many of the 30 companion Vettes had NO A/C and/or tri-power etc (8-10 miles-per-gallon).....outside temperature was between 90 and 103 degrees for the 13 driving days.

Adequate space in trunk for the 13 drive-days/motels and 17 total days on-the-road.

Seats always comfortable, no sore back.

Did not experience any untoward 'heat' on right leg from console.

At mile 3,500, got message "low oil level"....added litre (i.e. quart) which I had brought along....message gone. changed oil/filter upon return, at 4,300 miles. Had changed oil/filter just before trip.

Cruising at 64 mph to about 76 mph range, there is a 'whine' that sounds somewhat like tires on a "rough road surface...stops when foot off accelerator....sounds like drive train.

Water temp stayed at 192 nearly all the time, in the face of the very hot weather. Gauge only hit 205 on the "vertical" winding road up the mountain at Cumberland Gap, as expected.

Great live Blues (Beale Street)in Memphis. Great live Jazz (Bourbon Street)in New Orleans. Great country music in Nashville.

Had Z pic taken at Winner's Circle at Texas Speedway. No laps due to 'repairs" to track (re CART).

Over the 4,300 miles, saw only one other Z06 (black), in Houston, July 7th, AM.

Highest gas price....$1.89/gal in Manassas, VA (Sunoco 94, July 1st).

Lots of fun.....
Mac Cross - Toronto, Ontario
C5Registry W0218
'01 Torch Z06
'98 C5 Silver Targa...gone, sadly
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Steve...Yes, every minute was great fun!

Frank...regarding pix, I took several rolls that will be on "KODAK Picture CDs". Being computer illiterate, I'm not sure how I can provide these other than via e-mail.
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