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The only problem with the Z06 in the first 6 months has been the performance of the windshield washer at speed (greater than 70 MPH). I know that Callaway experienced a similar problem with the wipers at LeMans and he corrected the wiper "float" by going to a single arm system and stiffer wiper arm springs. They first tried aerodynamic attatchments that were applied to the blades but were not effective in holding the blade on the windshield at 200 MPH. My problem is similar. I have tried to redirect the washer nozzle but the fluid still gets blown away before windshield contact.

I have decided to take the Callaway approach and seek out a higher horsepower washer, either increased volume or flow rate. I think I have found one. I will spend today engineering the correct modifications to adapt this unit to the Z06.

Here's the new unit:
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