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Ummmm, not to be dense or anything, but how do I determine my total signature size? I reduced the size and resolution of my two JPEG files to get their size down: the Z06 is now 7634 bytes, and the GTS is 6859 bytes, for a total of 14,493 bytes. Can I assume that the small amount of text doesn't put me over the top? Please advise.

[*] '97 GTS Blue/White Stripes (Borla cat-backs & headers, smooth tubes, K&Ns, BTRViper half shafts, MT ET Streets, 456 rwhp, 490 rwft-lbs, 11.7 sec at 120.3 mph)
[*] '01 Z06 Black/Torch Red Trim (Bone stock, 12.8 sec at 111.2 mph)

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